Busty Model Claudia Romani Tiny Bikini Beach Photos

Claudia Romani nude

Paparazzi tirelessly follow the charming model Claudia Romani and recently managed to catch her during a beach holiday. The star looked simply gorgeous, dressed in a small black bikini that emphasized the curves of her amazing body. You will be delighted with her chubby tits, who at any moment were ready to jump out of her little bra. And her amazing peach ass, barely covered by narrow thongs, is simply breathtaking!

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Claudia Romani, Carol Paredes, Falonia Naughty Lingerie Photoshoot

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American model Claudia Romani, American TV presenter Carol Paredes and supermodel Falonia, along with other hot models, took off in a very provocative photo shoot. Girls posed in black stockings, very small thongs and lace bras, which emphasized the beauty of their wonderful boobs. But, of course, the greatest attention will be attracted to their gorgeous butts, which they paraded in various poses.

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